Work Experience Abroad


CRB checks do not exist in the countries we operate in so we have to take alternative precautions to protect the pupils on the programme. Where possible we gain official approval through the local councils. In fact we believe our placements are checked and monitored more closely than many UK placements where CRB checks are not always provided and where the pupils have organised their placements on a casual basis. Our selection and monitoring include:

  • Careful selection of companies
  • Non-hazardous environments
  • Carefully selected and well briefed mentors
  • Placements where there are more than one employee
  • Signed contracts
  • Company liability in place
  • Detailed risk assessments
  • Well planned, focused activities and tasks
  • Short working hours
  • Placements centred near to accommodation where possible
  • Regular spot checks by accompanying staff throughout the work placements
  • Planned strategies for communication between teacher and pupil
  • Staggered start and finish times to allow drop offs and collections each day
    and opportunity to discuss any issues with mentor
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